Monday, January 16, 2012


Sitting at work today, I find myself strangely distracted
I’m usually full of energy and focus but today I lacked it

I keep thinking of a single memory, probably eleven years back
It isn’t quite like a memory actually, it’s more of a vivid flashback

We were twelve, my friends and I, soaked in the basketball court
It was raining heavily that day, not the usual sprinkle or of the sort

We were running, and sliding together, headfirst into the ground
We knew we’d get in trouble that day, to happen it was definitely bound

We didn’t care though, because together we were having so much fun
No regrets after a smile, we’d got what we wanted, what’s done is done

It’s probably weird right? Remembering the details of a day so eventless
But there’s a reason behind my feelings for that day, a love so very endless

You see, that day I paused and looked around at the people I called my friends
I knew at once, those were the people for whom I’d go to the farthest ends

Its been a decade since then, yet my heart has never loved them more than it does today
The ones who are still here in my life, and even the ones I’ve lost along the way

The thing with me is that once I’ve cared, I’ll probably care till the end of time
If I saw you in one moment of truth, my heart will forgive you in any moment of crime

I’m not an easy judge of character though, nor am I easily impressed
But once I’ve got it right, they’ll have my loyalty, at its very best

So if I remember details about you, don’t relate it to a memory of mine so great
I only recollect the specifics of a milestone that changed the means of my fate

That’s why I’m thinking of you, sitting at work so very distracted
You changed my life, you gave me focus, when before you, I lacked it